Unleash the Full Potential of Your Project with KIUBIX

Small Business SaaS is here to help you with all your business. We help over 1,000 entrepreneurs to manage their inventory, sales, appointments, orders, and deliveries.

KIUBIX administrative and technological tools will help keep your company’s data and processes in complete order and control.

CRM - Increase the efficiency of your sales teams

With a CRM system, your team can communicate with clients and prospects, schedule appointments, create agreements, send quotes and, generally, store all the information they need to take care of their relationship with your clients and increase sales.

ERP - Encompass the activities of your company and make them more efficient

DoliERP is utterly modular for companies for business management of SMEs, independent professionals, self-entrepreneurs or associations.

It is one of the easiest ERPs and CRMs to use: a friendly interface with an intuitive and very functional design, where you can make countless records that will allow you to automate and improve your internal processes. You will be able to define all the users you need and thus have your team working most efficiently.