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We are KIUBIX, a company born in 2001 in Mexico and established in the United States in San Antonio, Texas, as KIUBIX LLC in 2020.

We currently serve more than 14,000 companies implementing technology-based solutions in their operations worldwide.

We are an IT service and product company; we have developed our eLearning platform, Retail Software and several business administration systems.

Our outstanding offer for the US

KIUBIX is a unique company that stands out for its commitment to innovation, quality, and excellence in customer service. Unlike other companies, KIUBIX focuses on understanding the specific needs of each of its clients to offer customized solutions tailored to their requirements.


Another aspect that highlights KIUBIX is its focus on innovation and the adoption of new technologies. The company is constantly evolving and always seeks ways to improve its processes and offers more efficient and effective solutions. This is reflected in the quality of its products and services, which are designed to meet the highest standards of quality and satisfy the needs of its clients.


Why Us?

At KIUBIX, we develop technological skills in companies, entrepreneurs, and citizens of the world, we want to reach every corner with our service solutions, but we are also cultivating healthy minds.

We speak to the world’s creatives, leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries with a strong message: work is hard, but life is integral; a balance is what we will find in these stories together.


Partners & Resources

KIUBIX LLC is a dynamic and innovative company that prides itself on forming strategic alliances with like-minded companies and organizations. By doing so, KIUBIX LLC has gained access to a vast network of businesses, suppliers, and service providers, which has enabled the company to offer a wide range of affordable solutions to its customers.

One of the primary benefits of forming strategic alliances is that it allows KIUBIX LLC to leverage the expertise and resources of its partners. By working alongside other businesses and organizations, KIUBIX LLC is able to tap into their knowledge, skills, and resources, and use them to create more effective and efficient solutions for its customers. We love to work beside companies and organizations such as:

And many other business and academic initiatives help us offer suitable solutions to companies and entrepreneurs.

Investor Relations

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